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Women’s Health is lagging far behind.


To change that we, at impact.51, take the transitional phases in a woman’s life and zoom into the unmet needs, where innovation is needed most.

Our goal is to create women-relevant health solutions, one transitional phase at a time.

Are you ready to turn unmet needs into startups?

Mission Menopause

Explore the challenges.
Ideate Solutions.
Build Companies.

impact.51 is  a  company that  builds  companies  in women’s health. Our work is  problem-led, pre-team, and pre-ideas.

We know that the field recognizes problems best. So we partner with the ecosystem to understand real problems affecting real women. This means, we fall in love with the problems, not the solutions.

Our partners for this mission are: Medical Centers: Soroka, Barzilai, and Hillel Yaffe HMOS: Clalit, and patient organizations: Nashim Legufan.  With them we identified a long list of challenges.

Now, we need you. Come fall in love with the problems, and ideate solutions. A unique opportunity to innovate together, generate and develop ideas for addressing some of the most pressing problems  facing women in menopause today.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, designer, engineer, clinician, researcher, or just curious and passionate about developing ideas from scratch, we invite you to join our first cohort.

We are looking for individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and skills,that believe in the importance of building new products and services to tackle women’s health issues.

In exchange we offer insight and entrance into the field, onsite access to top mentors and experts, team curation, business development and an enriching experience!

Mission Menopause

What happens
after I apply?

We choose the best applicants and curate teams, in an admission process.  

This means you don't need  an idea, team or prototype to join us, but you need to have the passion, and the knowledge, to understand the problem you will be tackling.

Our team and  mentors will guide you through a 12 week journey from scratch to scale. You will gain tools for critical design, systems and gender-lens thinking processes. Together with your team you will create and test innovative new ideas that have the potential to become a scalable, commercial venture.


Up to 2 best and right ideas will be chosen at the end of the 12 weeks by our investor committee, will move on to our venture builder for further R&D and receive pre seed investment.

Mission Menopause challenges we will address

Admission Process and timeline


Fill out the application form no later than January 20th, 2023


Attach a photo and CV


Rank the challenges that interest you most


We will review the application forms, and invite top candidates to an interview


Notifications of acceptance and teams will be sent out by January 27th, 2023


Join the kick off January 31st, at 17:00. (location to be announced).

Application submission

1.1.2023 - 20.1. 2023 (midnight)


January 22-25, 2023

Q & A online session to find out more

10.1.2022, 20:00 IL



Kick off event

31st of January 17:00-19:00

(location to be announced)


31.1.2023-End of April 2023

Mutual Commitment

We will provide you with the tools, network access and knowledge to ideate solutions, and build on the best ones!

We will accompany you and your team on your journey from 0 to 1.


You will innovate, ideate and participate in 12 ideation sessions starting on February 5, on Sundays between 17:00-20:00 and in the team work between meetings.

At the end of the program there will be a demo day to present the ventures to our investor committee and to select the two best and right ventures that will be joining our venture builder for further development and investment.

About us

impact.51 is the world’s first startup studio dedicated to women’s health. We are on a mission to create systemic change, by leading an idea factory that will  create a critical mass of startups in the field. 

impact.51 invests in problems and people. Because, it takes an ecosystem to make change.

We provide the tools, network access, knowledge and funding, to ideate 100’s of solutions, and build on the best ones!

Accompanying teams on their journey from 0 to 1.

  • Who Can Apply?
    1. Companies, NGO’s, entrepreneurs, with existing validated* solutions/services/methods in the fields of trauma, anxiety and PTSD, that are willing to scale and adapt their solutions to the local needs. These are solutions beyond the POC stage, that have tested their solutions. 2. Solutions/services/methods in the fields of trauma, anxiety and PTSD that can be up and running at scale within 3 months, in Israel. *technology or service
  • How many companies will be selected to participate?
    Up to 3 companies/initiatives.
  • What is unique about this program?
    We partner with the field for problem-led innovation. This gives you direct access to unmet needs, and experts in the field to help tweak and adapt your solution and best fit to the market needs. We will do everything to help you provide relevant responses - in real time!
  • Who are the challenge partners and mentors?
    Each partner provides unmet needs and is happy to assist you in moving your idea forward. We also provide a network of mentors from the industry and in different fields.
  • What’s in it for my company?
    Be part of a movement that is committed and passionate about women’s health! Test your solution in the local market. Meet dedicated experts and investors. Engage and learn from dedicated mentors. If your product is chosen, gain access to foundry and funding. This is a rare opportunity to grow your startup in a growing asset class, femtech. While also doing good during these trying times.
  • Do I need a healthcare background?
    No. We bring the experts to you. If you have this expertise you are an asset to the team. It is an advantage not a prerequisite.
  • What commitment is required?
    Commitment to the challenge, and product adaptation, within 3 months. We are looking for people with a high level of commitment to these challenges, and who want their ventures to succeed. We in turn will facilitate this journey and help ensure teams, market fit, and strategy.
  • How can impact.51 help my initiative scale in order to tackle current challenges in trauma, PTSD and anxiety in women?
    We offer tools, ecosystem access, mentorship to scale, network and community access and investor access.
  • Is there an admission fee?
    We provide the infrastructure, the team, experts, mentors, network - the playground. All you have to do is put your best efforts and time into scaling up your idea with your team. Cost upon admission to the ideation, after the selection process (paid by February 5th), is 500 NIS.
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