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We create companies to solve the deepest women’s health challenges. 0 to 1


impact.51 strives for systemic change in women’s health through needs-matched innovation. We bring the ecosystem together to define, ideate and solve  complex problems. We are company creators that build scalable, equitable &  patient-centric solutions.

Women’s Health is lagging far behind.

To change that we take the transitional phases in a woman’s life and zoom into the unmet needs, where innovation is needed most. Our goal is to create women-relevant health solutions, one transitional phase at a time.


Mission Menopause

What if we could provide personalized solutions to the 1.2 Bn women in menopause by 2030?


What if we could break the cycle of shame and taboo?


What if we could expand and reproduce menopause expertise like we do stem cells?


What if healthcare providers could conduct a patient’s menopause journey like a conductor does an orchestra?

What if we could set up an alarm system for menopause like we do to wake up?

What if we could treat pain like an unboxing?


We are the world’s first Startup Studio to exclusively address Women’s Health.

Simply put, impact.51 is  a  company that  builds  companies  in women’s health. Our work is  problem-led, pre-team, and pre-ideas. We know that the field recognizes problems best. So we partner with the ecosystem to understand real problems affecting real people. This means, we fall in love with the problems, not the solutions.

By women 4 women

Challenge partners

We developed a metric



With Challenge Partners

...find problems?

These are women,  patient organizations, HMO’s, and hospitals.

Together we define  unmet needs.


…choose problems?

With our metric

1. Landscape of unmet needs. 

2. A void of  innovation.
3. A vast market primed for solutions.


By recruiting top talent

…ensure best ideas?

These are people who are passionate about solving problems. Together we curate skilled multidisciplinary teams.


By Ideation

… sprout companies?

Bringing together the ecosystem, mentors and teams to solutionize 100’s of ideas.


… choose companies?

By selection

Experts in the field and high profile investors choose the 2 best and right teams to receive pre seed funding.


In our foundry

… ensure scaling up?

We provide a customized venture builder, funding, and institutionalized co-founders.

We provide the tools, network access, knowledge and funding, to ideate 100’s of solutions, and build on the best ones!

Accompanying teams on their journey from 0 to 1.


With our repeatable process, we aim to create a critical mass of companies.

Because Women’s Health matters.

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